Welcome to the official website of

SE "UkrSRDIindtechnology"!

State Enterprise "Ukrainian Sientific R&D Insitute for Industrial Technology" offers its services and reliable partnership in the following areas:

comprehension survey and design of:

  • atomic industry facilities;
  • industrial complexes on the basis of deposits of metallic and nonmetallic minerals;
  • engineering plants;
  • objects of the construction industry;
  • objects of civil and social facilities;

    certification, examination and assessment of technical condition of building structures of buildings and constructions;

    assessment of environmental impacts of industrial facilities;

    research and development in the field:

  • mining;
  • labour protection and environment protection;
  • radioactive waste management.
  • We guarantee high quality of our developments with the use of modern achievements in science and technology.

    If Your work and Your interests are in the realm of our capabilities, we are ready to take the solution to Your problems through design, survey and research support for the objects You wish to create, at all stages: from the feasibility study construction to the author's supervision of construction and scientific support.