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The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine

The state program "Nuclear fuel of Ukraine" - support for the development of uranium and zirconium production in Ukraine and the creation of facilities for production of nuclear fuel and its components.

The Program "Uranium Ukraine" - implementation of measures aimed at increasing the independence to fuel nuclear power plants of Ukraine and consistent implementation of the program of creation of the domestic production of nuclear fuel.

The Program "Zirconium Ukraine" - creation of conditions for the organization of domestic production of nuclear fuel and organization of production of Zirconia, zirconium sponge, zirconium ingot, TREX-pipe and zirconium products for fuel assemblies for the nuclear industry of Ukraine.

State Concern "Nuclear Fuel"

Implemented by the Institute:

  • The creation of a database of research in support of the objects of nuclear fuel cycle of Ukraine
  • Feasibility study of construction of a plant for the production of nuclear fuel
SE "Eastern Mining and Concentration Integrated Works"

Eastern Mining and Concentration Integrated Works is one of 28 uranium mining centers in the world, among whom he is in the top ten, and is the largest in Europe.

Main products of the Enterprise - natural uranium concentrate. The Integrated Works also produces sulphuric acid, mining equipment. EastMCIW provides transportation services (road and rail) , construction and repair, research and development, communication services, etc.

Strategic goal of the Enterprise - 100% provision of Ukrainian nuclear power plants with uranium with the aim of achieving energy independence of Ukraine.

Novokonstantinovska mine

Hydrometallurgical plant

Ingulska mine

Smolinska mine

Safonovskohe field

JSC "Northern Mining and Chemical Works Complex"

NorthMCWC is one of the largest mining companies in Europe that produce iron ore concentrate (iron content of 65.2-65,6%) and pellets (iron content 62,0% and 63.0%).

Production capacities of the enterprise allow producing of 14.75 million tonnes of iron ore concentrate and 10.5 million tons of pellets. Resource base are large deposits of ferruginous quartzites, which are developed Pervomaisky and Annovsky quarries: their total industrial reserves under JORC methodology total 2 840 million tons of mineral resources.

Since the commissioning of the crushing plant #3 in 2006 ore mining in Pervomaisky quarry is done using cyclic-flow technology (CFT). Implementation of the CFT is possible to reduce the cost of transportation of ore for further processing, to increase the production capacity of the quarry and to reduce development pressure on the environment. Currently in career construction rock crusher and conveyor system. It is the largest project in the mining sector of independent Ukraine.

JSC "Central Mining and Chemical Works Complex"

Central MCWC ranks sixth among the mining enterprises of Ukraine.

The Company produces merchant iron ore concentrate with Fe content of 65.0% and 68.2% and pellets with an average iron content of 65.62%.

Raw materials base of the enterprise are deposits of ferruginous quartzites, which are developed Gleevatsky, Petrovsky and Artemovsky quarries and mine field named Ordzhonikidze, general industrial stocks which technique JORC total 2 689 million tonnes of mineral resources, including 710 million tons of iron ore.

Central MCWC is a unique Ukrainian enterprise, which combines open and underground mining of magnetite quartzite and their further enrichment.

PLC "ArcelorMittal Krivyi Rig"

The company occupies a leading position among the largest enterprises of mining-metallurgical complex of Ukraine and is part of an international Corporation ArcelorMittal is the steel producer #1 in the world and also one of the largest foreign investors in the country.

The company is an enterprise with full metallurgical cycle, which includes coke production, mining (opencast mining and underground mining) and metallurgical production, in which there are blast furnace, steelmaking and rolling departments.

The company is one of the largest producers of rolled steel in Ukraine, specializes in the production of long products, in particular, rebar and wire rod from conventional and low-alloy steels, also produces sinter, concentrate, coke, pig iron, steel bars and shapes.

JSC "Zaporizhzhya iron ore plant"

ZIOP is one of the largest mining and metallurgical industry of Ukraine.

The plant is built on the basis of the Yuzhno-Belozerskohe deposits of rich iron ore. The iron content in the ore array - from 48 to 69%. The extracted ore is unique in the CIS not only in quality, but with low content of harmful impurities.

The company comprises 15 departments - mine "Expluatationna" and "Prohodcheska", the crushing and sorting plant, workshop: laying-out space in the mine, railway, highway, mechanical repair, overhaul and current repairs, energy, electrical repair area, area of production engineering, laboratory of process automation, housing area, shop catering and departmental militarized guard.

LLC "Builder-2007"

The enterprise of mining and processing of manganese ores Velyko-Tokmakskohe Deposit

Implemented by the Institute:

  • Feasibility study
  • Topographic-geodetic and engineering-geological works
  • Scientific support of the project, documentation, supervision
  • Engineering surveys for construction
  • Detailed plan of the territory
  • Production of demonstration models mining and processing complexes at a scale of 1:500
  • Demonstration materials for public hearings
  • The selection of technological samples of manganese ore mine field No. 6 Velyko-Tokmakskohe Deposit
  • etc.

JSC "Plant for the production of nuclear fuel"

The decision of the Interdepartmental Commission of The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine of Ukraine, JSC "TVEL" was declared the winner of the tender for selection of partner and technology to create the production of fuel assemblies in Ukraine.

By order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 22 September 2010 No. 1922-p accepted the decision on creation in Ukraine of an enterprise for the production of nuclear fuel for VVER-1000 using the technology proposed by JSC "TVEL".

Between JSC "TVEL" and the State concern "Nuclear fuel" the Agreement dated 27 October 2010 on the cooperation in the organization of Ukrainian production of nuclear fuel for the reactor units VVER-1000 by russian technologies.

To complete the order of the CMU, the founders (the state concern "Nuclear fuel" and JSC "TVEL") was established on 2 December 2011 and registered in the state register (Maloviskovsky RSA Kirovograd region), JSC "Plant for the production of nuclear fuel".

In a joint Ukrainian-Russian enterprise JSC "Plant for the production of nuclear fuel":

  • 50% +1 share belongs to the State concern "Nuclear fuel" (Ukraine);
  • 50% -1 share - JSC "TVEL" (Russian Federation).

JSC "Zaporizhstal"

JSC "Zaporizhstal" is one of the leading places in the metallurgical industry of Ukraine and is part of the largest steel and mining company Metinvest.

The company clearly focuses on improving the efficiency of production, modernization of equipment, and the establishment and improvement of safe working conditions for employees.

JSC "Zaporizhstal" produces hot rolled steel coil and sheet, cold rolled sheet and coil of carbon, low alloy steel, bent profile, steel tape and black tin.

High quality of products is confirmed by the demand in the domestic and foreign markets. It is in demand in more than 50 countries (Turkey, Italy, Poland, Russia, Syria, Israel, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Nigeria, etc.), and the strategic direction of the sales policy of the company remains the Ukrainian market.


Public joint stock company "Kryvyi Rih iron ore plant" is the largest enterprise in Ukraine on production of iron ore by underground method.

The structure of the plant consists of four mines: "Rodina", "Gvardejska", named after Lenin, "Oktyabrska". Their rhythmic work provide support units: mine management, service management, repair and installation of mining equipment, railway transport administration, vehicle maintenance, repair, construction and energy Department, Central energilaboratorium, base logistics, mining technical inspection of quality control of ores, center for information systems, management of social divisions.

SE NNEC "Energoatom"

State enterprise "National nuclear energy generating company "Energoatom" is the operator of four of the nuclear power plants of Ukraine, which operates 15 nuclear power units, of which 13 VVER-1000 and two VVER-440 total installed capacity of 13 835 MW. The main objective of SE "NNEC "Energoatom" - the increase in electricity production and coefficient of use of installed nuclear capacity by continuously increasing the level of safety of operation.

SE "NNEC "Energoatom" provides almost 50% of Ukraine's demand for electricity.

Company "Energoatom" is a member of WNA, EUR, INPRO and the Ukrainian nuclear society.

Four nuclear plants - Zaporozhska, Rovnenska, Yuzhno-Ukrainska, Khmelnitska and "Atomremontservis", "Atomenergomash", "Atomcomplect", "Atomproektinzhiniring", "Emergency and technical center", "Scientific-technical center", "Donuzlavska wind farm", "Warehousing", "Efficiency" and "case Management" are separate subdivisions of NNEC "Energoatom".

SSPE "Zirconium"

The company's facilities are located on the northern, southern and eastern sites in the territory of the former IN "PHZ".

The composition of the state scientific production enterprise "Zirconium" is the technological production of zirconium and hafnium, central laboratory, energy department, fleet.

Technological production is the main production, which ensures the production of: zirconium chemical compounds (zirconium dioxide, xinitrc zirconium cleaned on hafnium, and alloys and master alloys of zirconium); hafnium metal, alloys, and chemical compounds on the basis of hafnium.

JSC "MMP named after Ilyich"

JSC "Mariupolsky metallurgical plant named after Ilyich" is the largest industrial company of Donbass and Donetsk region.

The plant produces hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheet of a wide assortment, including shipbuilding, pipelines, drilling, gas and water pipes.

The company is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which produces galvanized sheets and automobile cylinders for liquefied gases. In recent years built pipe electric-welding workshop, workshop for production of molds, lime plant, builds the energy body.

SE "Barrier"

The main objectives of the SE "Barrier" is the implementation recultivation restoration work on radioactively contaminated areas, waste management, uranium ore processing and equipment contaminated with radionuclides of natural origin, handling of sources of ionizing radiation and radioactive waste.

The main activities of the company are the exploitation of tailings uranium ore processing waste, tailings from the operation, routine maintenance on the tailings; decontamination of buildings, structures, equipment on site; conducting radiation monitoring, radiation monitoring of the environment, handling of sources of ionizing radiation and others.

SI "UkrNIIvodokanalproect"

Today SI "UkrNIIvodokanalproect" is a leading industry research and design organization that specializes in research, designing and normative maintenance of water supply systems, wastewater and industrial waterworks and on issues related to ecology and environmental protection.

As a basic organization, the Institute coordinates research and development activities in the field of construction in the field of water and wastewater and is the only research and design center, able to perform general scientific-technical policy in this area of activity.

ME "Zhovtovodsky vodokanal"

The activities are focused on providing the population, enterprises and organizations of the city of Zhovti Vody, sat Petrovsky district of Kirovograd region and Pyatyhatsky district of Dnepropetrovsk region services of the centralized water supply and sanitation.

In its activity the company operates a complex of waterworks water intake on the river Ingulets, water and sewer pumping stations and networks.

With the aim of improving the provision of water services and sanitation, to reduce the cost of drinking water production, wastewater treatment, the company has conducted work aimed at modernization of production, introduction of new technologies for water and wastewater treatment, energy conservation measures, implementation of automated control systems of technological processes and automated systems of dispatching control and accounting of energy consumption.

Zhovti Vody city Council

Implemented by the Institute:

  • Survey and evaluation of the technical condition of residential buildings, industrial buildings
  • Work projects of capital repairs of educational institutions and the reconstruction of traffic lights
  • Supervision of construction works on site for the manufacture of metal products, greening the district, the construction of a residential house
  • Organization of gas supply systems of residential, street lighting networks in remote areas, monitoring system of the territory of the city
  • Complex of works on rehabilitation of contaminated territories
  • Calculation of the thermal load on the room medical center
  • Major repairs of the roof of the municipal cultural institution "City history Museum name after Prigozhin"
  • Reconstruction of the roof of the building of the municipal institution of culture "Zhovti Vody music school"
  • Topographic survey at a scale of 1:500 and the definition of the volume flow of rainwater and meltwater on the territory of Zhovti Vody AS

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