Information about the Institute

State enterprise "Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Industrial Technology" is based on state property and belongs to the sphere of management of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine.

The Institute has 45 years of experience executing complex design and survey works in the field of construction and reconstruction of enterprises in mining and mineral processing, engineering plants, civil and social purposes, and scientific research in the field of development of mining technologies, labour safety, environmental protection and establishment of radiation safety systems.

The company projected mining and processing complexes on the basis of deposits of uranium and manganese ores, hydrometallurgical plants, a plant for nuclear fuel production and many other industrial facilities.

Since 2008, the Institute was incorporated in the State Concern "Nuclear Fuel".

The company in accordance with its public authorities functions defined:

  • The General designer of objects of nuclear industry of Ukraine;
  • The Main design organization in the field of radioactive waste management nuclear energy and industry;
  • The basic organization for standardization in the nuclear-industrial complex in the standardization of design of the nuclear industry, the design of nuclear facilities.

The main objective of the Institute is to design and scientific support of new facilities and the nuclear fuel cycle, namely: industries of mining and processing of uranium ore; production facilities for processing of zirconium ore and zircon concentrate, of a plant for the production of nuclear fuel.

Individual a unique feature of advantage of the company is the development ability of the construction projects of civil and industrial projects "turnkey":

  • complex exploration;
  • development of urban planning documentation;
  • development of complex design documentation;
  • complex auscultation of buildings and structures;
  • scientific research and engineering development;
  • field supervision of construction.

The company has developed, documented and implemented the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001:2009 System of quality management. Requirements.

The company included in the list of objects of state property, which is of strategic importance to the economy and security of the state and not subject to privatization.

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